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Art and Alcohol? – Beautiful pictures of cocktails and spirits seen under the microscope- BevShots

Art and Alcohol? An amazing mixture created by the BevShots website, which created some beautiful photographs of famous cocktails and spirits seen under a microscope… Crystallized and under a polarized light, Tequila Sunrise, beer, White Russian, Red Wine, Margarita, Bloody Mary and many others then reveal amazing shapes and colors! BevShots also offers prints of these photographs of alcohols under a microscope, to display your favorite cocktail in your living room…

  1. Pina Colada

  2. Vine rose

  3. Japanese sake

  4. Tequila

  5. Daiquiri

  6. Margarita

  7. Champagne

  8. White Russian

  9. Vodka

  10. Whiskey

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Afternoon glow.

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Lake Louise (Canada) // Shannon O’Grady

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