I realized then that every end…every seemingly waste of months of time…could also be a new beginning, like a choice to take on a new direction. Nothing happens by accident, and even bad things happening were an indication that it was perhaps time to take a new road. I slowly learned then that we are to observe the signs of life, that there is a certain communication between this world and the spiritual world which takes a certain sensitivity to follow.

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You are free and that is why you are lost.

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His Momentous Burden, 2014

pencil on paper

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Simon Dale is a photographer by trade, but a hobbit home builder by night. The artist has an affinity for creating homes that are from natural material, and Dale’s own version of a ‘Hobbit‘ House are just that– a small residence that has a green roof and is partially underground.

The home is entirely sustainable and was built with straw bale walls that are covered in lime plaster. All else has been recycled scraps to craft the wooden roof structure and other elements. Of course the electricity is all gained via solar panels, and The entire floor plan and building section for the space were hand sketched onto a piece of paper.

home sweet home :~)


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